Open Source Software Service Plan Terms and Conditions

Linnovate, a leading Open-Source company, has partnered with leading software vendors and open-source software community members (“Linnovate Network”) to provide professional and quality support and maintenance services for software packages (the “Software”) to large Enterprise customers. Linnovate and its Network’s professional teams include developers and architects who contribute and are very active in the open-source community and who also take an active part as Collaborators & Committers in the open-source community. 

Engineering Support for Troubleshooting

As part of the support program, Linnovate will notify the customer of security updates and software upgrades as they are released to keep the installation secure and up-to-date at all times. When the Software is deployed in the customer’s environment, Linnovate will send the updates, and the customer will install them. Customers of the service plan may request that Linnovate implement the updates in the customer’s environment; Linnovate will do this under professional service hours or a pre-purchased dedicated maintenance plan.

When an installation encounters a software issue or bug, a support contract allows the customer to submit the issue to the Linnovate team for a successful resolution. When the customer submits the request, we may ask for information to ensure a timely resolution. 

After we review the issue, the engineering team will generate a fix, which can be anything from a configuration change to a patch, and validate the fix by conducting regression testing.

Customer’s responsibility

The customer is responsible for performing testing activities in response to an awareness of a suspicious problem related to the Software and verifying that the potential problem or bug originates from the Software. As part of the tests, the customer will review the database and ensure that the database is working correctly, the computing environment is in order, and the amount of storage is sufficient.

After verifying that the Software causes the problem, the customer will prepare a well-described report of the problem and open a support ticket.

Linnovate’s responsibility

Linnovate will reproduce the problem when the problem is reproducible, will provide a solution to the issues through a bug fix or system configuration change, and validate the fixes by performing regression testing.

Linnovate will install the solution in the customer’s system. In cases where Linnovate does not have access to the customer’s environment, Linnovate will provide the customer with the operation steps and the solution, along with all code changes.

Maintenance Plan

As part of the service plans, Linnovate offers an extended plan for maintenance agreements for enterprise, on-prem, or cloud systems. Maintenance includes routine operations, ongoing health check management, security updates, software upgrades, system monitoring, process monitoring, backup management and monitoring, performance improvements, and pre-planned projects. As part of the program, Linnovate will notify the customer of security updates and software upgrades as they are released to keep the installation secure and up-to-date at all times. 

This is a customized service, and upon commencement of the service, Linnovate will provide a list of all routine operations included within this maintenance agreement. 

Application Support Plan

Application support plan service includes advice and guidance for open source-based projects at all stages of development with Usage & How-to questions. This service is provided in addition to ongoing support for troubleshooting. The service includes answers to “how to use” questions, support for advanced capabilities and use, professional guidance, and guidance for upgrading versions and support.

SLA and Response Time

Linnovate response time SLA according to the agreement defined in the service plan.

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