Professional developers by linnovate

Are you looking for a great/an excellent devop without the hassle of management and everything that comes with it?
Professional developers by linnovate
Our company specializes in locating, placing and managing leading software developers and devops for companies that want brilliant minds and full professional outsourced management of an Israeli company at a super attractive price.

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    So who are we and
    why would you (very much!)
    Want to work with us?

    We are a strong and well-established Israeli development company that has a fleet of developers (super-brilliant and hard-workers) in East europ

    Our goal?

    Allow you to get a developer at an international level while the bureaucratic and managerial side remains with us.

    You get:


    Super professional and top of the line devop

    Israeli portfolio management

    Fluent English

    Attractive price

    Frequent zoom / phone calls


    Current activity reports


    Flexible Bank hours / Bank task (no monthly commitment)
    And everything is united/bound under a reliable Israeli company.


    And all under one roof of a reliable Israeli company.

    Sounds appropriate?/good?
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