• Elementor wanted to build a centralized marketplace to help their web creator community members sustain their businesses.
  • The challenge with larger marketplaces (like Fiverr and Upwork and every other highly scalable platform) is that in WordPress or even in an applicative-oriented CMS like Drupal, you will eventually hit a glass ceiling, resulting in missed opportunities.
  • Elementor needed the marketplace to be cloud-native, scalable, lightning-fast, and secure, easily manageable from WordPress and Elementor itself.
  • The platform needed to strike a balance between being market-driven, yet also application-based.

The Marketplace Solution

The solution we created strikes the perfect balance between their CMS and the application.

  • The solution is made up of complex applications with React, GraphQL, and NoSQL databases like Mongo and Elasticsearch. This software stack, paired with Kubernetes-based microservices, configured to autoscale, gives us the ability to create a secure, scalable, and super fast marketplace. In this case, the Elementor Expert marketplace.
  • The marketplace is a central platform for Elementor and WordPress specialists, making it easy to collaborate and work together.
  • Elementor’s marketers can use the same tools they are familiar with.

It includes:

  • Built-in search with autocomplete, search synonyms, and faceted searching
  • Lightning-fast so UI changes happen without having to refresh the page
  • Mapping existing CMS content, index it and make it easier to be searched, sorted, and filtered.


  • A modern and scalable microservice / cloud-native infrastructure that was designed to scale to the millions and provide the perfect platform for building a custom marketplace.
  • Works within WordPress, allowing the marketing team to work with their preferred set of tools and within the ecosystem, they know so well.

Reindex Integration for Marketplaces


A cloud-native, scalable, lightning-fast, and secure marketplace solution

The Perfect Platform

Designed to scale to the millions and be the platform for building a custom marketplace.

Benefits of a Marketplace Using Our Architecture 

  • The marketplace is a cloud-native, scalable, lightning-fast, and secure platform, easily manageable from WordPress and Elementor itself.

The marketplace includes:

  • A portfolio-like layout to showcase Elementor based projects
  • A place to find relevant clients
  • Builds expertise, trust, and authority
  • Space to network with other professionals
  • Hiring and collaborating with other experts

We included the following features:

  • Expert and customer registration
  • Expert and customer profile
  • Communication and chat features
  • Review and Feedback system
  • An elaborate and complex search system with tags, filters, and categories.

This means visitors can search and filter by the following:

  • Expertise: marketing, design, and development
  • Services: SEO, integration, plugins, and so on
  • Skills: Elementor skills, WordPress skills, and general skills
  • Price Range: You can make sure to find professionals who fit your budget
  • Location and Language


Elementor, one of the highly regarded WordPress page-building platforms launched a marketplace, based on Reindex, to empower their expert web creators and designers to showcase their work and get hired. We worked together to build a cloud-native, scalable, lightning-fast, and secure marketplace, easily manageable from WordPress and Elementor itself. In addition to standard features, we packaged and included highly targeted search and filter capabilities.

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